About Us

In the beginning of 2018 JMS Sport became the first European Bont Skates distributor. Covering the whole Europe region, we mainly provide skate shops, but as a sport shop we also provide private customers.

Since, the company grow and are now distributor for other brands and disciplines as like:

- Bont Quad Skates 
- Bont Inline Skates 
- S1 Company
Serious and reliable, for us one of the most important things between humans, professional or private, is trust. This implies quality about merchandise, delivery speed, customer support, pricing, and a lot more.This is very important for us to show that human count, whether it’s a professional (like a skate shop manager or owner) or a private.

We’re always working for your own satisfaction. We try to be reachable, we travel through Europe to be there en flesh and bones to represent our brands on big events. We care about people and we love to meet athletes and resellers.

We are athletes ourselves and we love to share experiences and to support that sports we love.



We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.