Zeus NTS Speed Roller Skate Plates

Bont Plates Zeus NTS Speed Roller Skate Plates
Bont Plates 135mm Zeus NTS Speed Roller Skate Plates

Zeus NTS Speed Roller Skate Plates

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¡Qué bien!

Después de muchos años se regresa al chasis tradicional, ¡Genial! Quiero tener un bont seuz carbono

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Introducing the Bont Zeus speed roller skate plate, featuring clip release axles and no toe stops.

The Zeus roller skate speed plate features a 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum chassis and has been triple polished with a brilliance shine applied to the outer layer to give it an amazingly beautiful finish. The action is 7 degrees and has double barrel cushions made in the USA with Bont's famous high rebound urethane. The axles are quick release for fast wheel changes. A lot of attention to detail was paid to the action of the quick release system. The lock nut is 6061 aluminum with a grub screw for fine-tune adjustment to suit your speed skating style. The plates profile allows for the fitment of wheels up to 70mm in diameter.

Additional cushions in various hardness' can be ordered.


  • Action: 7 degrees
  • Plate Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Kingpin: Steel
  • Cushions: Double barrel made with extremely high-end urethane
  • Hardness (Made in the USA): Black 88A 
  • Axles: 8mm quick release clip axles
  • Plate Lengths:
  • 135mm plate’s base length is 209mm.

  • 145mm plate’s base length is 219mm.
  • 155mm plate’s base length is 229mm.
  • 165mm plate’s base length is 239mm.

The Bont Zeus speed skating plate is a high-end plate designed with the latest materials and components. The plate features a number of ways to get the perfect action from the addition of a locking nut with grub screws to the option to change out your cushions. The plate features a simple yet timeless design that will look good on any roller speed skate

    Technology - 6061 Aluminum 6061 Aluminum is a very versatile metal which makes it easy for us to extrude and machine. It has very good anti-corrosive properties and specifically for roller skating it is not a very brittle metal which is good for fighting against stress fatigue.
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    Our Bont Quadstar team are some of the best skaters in the World. They love to give us feedback! From the little things like the placement of the buckle to trialing the latest materials, they help Bont create products that not only look good but perform at the elite international level.

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    How to assemble your Athena plate


    How to adjust your pivot pins


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