Bont Skate Rip Jaws

Bont accessories-inline Bont Skate Rip Jaws
Bont accessories-inline Bont Skate Rip Jaws

Bont Skate Rip Jaws

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The Bont Rip Jaws is a hot spot removal tool Bont invented this tool in 1976 and supplied them to some shops and distributors over the years but this is the first time that we are making the tool available to the public. 

This tool is perfect for removing hot spots from the heel of carbon inline skates, ice speed skates, and roller skates. It also works for figure skates and ice hockey skates. 

The Bont Rip Jaws hot spot removal tool removes hotspots from your boots. A hot spot is an area of discomfort in your boot. Carbon fiber and fiberglass boots only have a very thin layer of padding between your foot and the hard carbon fiber. Sometimes blisters can occur and the Rip Jaws has been designed to push the area of discomfort out to make the boot comfortable to skate in. 

1) Remove the laces from your skates
2) Heat the area of discomfort with a hairdryer for about 5 minutes or in the oven. Refer to your boot manufacturer's heat molding instructions. Click here for Bont heat molding.
3) Open the Rip Jaws and use the knob at the end of the handle to open it up widely. 
4) Put the Rip Jaws over the problem area and use the same knob to tighten the screw. 
5) Pull the handles together so it locks in place. 
6) Wait a few minutes for the boot to cool and then unlock the Rip Jaws
You can do this process again if need be. 
Remember that if you have a blister or a painful spot on your foot, it's best to let it heal before testing the boot because your foot will still feel painful if it has not healed. 
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