2PF CXXV 7005 12.8" (Red)


The CXXV's perfect flex control is your secret weapon. A frame that is too stiff skips across the road at the end of the push. A frame that is too soft will feel mushy and slow. The CXXV has the perfect amount of flex for maximum control.

Mounting: 2 Point 195mm
Length: 12.8”
Deck Height: (center axle to top of frame)  Front 59.5mm Rear 70.5mm
Weight: 219g
Material: 7005
Made in Taiwan

1 pair of frames 

* This frame will not fit standard 3 point boots. It will only fit 195mm 2 point boots.

Bont mounting hardware set will be provided free of charge only when purchasing boots/packages. 

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