60mm Royal Assassin Wheels 4pk

it was: 168.00

Stock is strictly limited and this offer will be removed once stock runs out.

The Royal Assassin wheel is a combination of cutting edge hub design with old school urethane production.

Due to the time consuming nature of producing these wheels, we will only be producing 10 sets per week maximum.

Application: Indoor

Size: 60mm x 38mm

Urethane Colour: Silver Hub - Red Urethane

Hardness: 95A

Made in Australia

Royal Assassin wheels only accept 167 or 688 bearings to save weight. They will not fit 608 bearings.

If you use 7mm axles on your plates, choose the 167 bearings.
If you use 8mm axles on your plates, choose the 688 bearings.
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