Infinity 20 Degree Plate Package + Free 167 bearings and adapters

Free 167 bearings and adapters with your Infinity plate purchase!

This package includes the skate tool.

The Bont Infinity plate is the first high performance adjustable plate on the market. Choose from three plate sizes, four colors and either a titanium or steel kingpin.

The carbon plates come in three sizes Small, Medium and Large.

- Small: Plate Size: 224mm with a wheelbase of 102mm to 128mm and fits bont boots sizes:4 - 5.5

- Medium: Plate Size 244mm with a wheelbase of 102mm to 148mm and fits bont boots sizes: 6 - 8.5

- Large Plate Size 264mm with a wheelbase of 122mm to 168mm and fits bont boots size: 9+

This plate comes with 7mm axles.

Bont mounting hardware set will be provided free of charge only when purchasing boots/packages.

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