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    Bont specializes in producing kids roller skates. Kids roller skates need to be supportive or they can be dangerous. It is important to make sure your kid's roller skates are not too big because the ankle can move around in the skate and cause the skate to become unstable. 

    Kids roller skates are also known as youth or children's roller skates. We make a range of roller skates for boys and girls. When selecting the best roller skating plates and wheels for kids, it's important not to choose wheels that are too large or plates that are too long. Longer plates and larger wheels are faster but they also make it harder to push, harder to cross over, and harder to skate up hills.

    Children's roller skates need to be built on a good last so that the carbon fiber does not dig into their feet which can cause damage. The padding needs to be closed cell so it does not absorb water and the padding needs to be sufficient to give comfort to your kid's feet. 


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